How to Setup Pachinko for Play Videos

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Sometimes we forget the simple things when setting up our pachinko machines, often the one small step that keeps it from working. Here are some videos on how to set up your pachinko machine for play. The videos were produced by Bill Connolly, formerly Vintage Pachinko. I hope you find them informative and helpful. If these videos don’t help you get your machine working, please feel free to contact us about repair and/or restoration of your machine at

You will need around 250 pachinko balls for play. Put 200 balls in the top tray in back. Put 50 balls in the top tray in front. Pachinko machines originally were mounted in the wall of pachinko parlors.  For home use you can mount them in a cabinet or just attach a couple of boards to the bottom. You may see wires, switches and a fuse.  Most vintage pachinko machines does not need electricity.  Gravity is all that is needed to play pachinko. You can hook up electricity if you would like the lights to flash when you get a jackpot, vintage machine lights will work off a 9 volt battery.