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Dan’s Pachinko Data Page

 This web page is based on  mid 60’s to mid 80’s Nishijin “B” models. Other brands and models are basically identical.



Pachinko Games, Tech, Info and for sale


Forum for pachinko owners from around the world.


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Information on pachinko history

Big D’s Pinball Plus Page

Pachinko pictures, information and cabinet plans.


 Kick the Fog 

Pachinko pictures, information and cabinet plans.

 Classic Plastic 

Chronicles of Pachinko Machine Restoration.


 Slots Direct 

Sells modern pachinko machines, balls and other accessories.

 Gerber Designs 

Sells plans for a pachinko cabinet.


 Stealth Home Amusement 

Sells pachislo machines, pachinko balls and volume controls.


How pachinko balls are made.


Pachinko World

Arcade in Wilmington, North Carolina